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  Attention Health, Wellness And Life Coaches!
  Attention Health, Wellness And Life Coaches!

Set Yourself Apart From All Other Coaches AND HAVE CLIENTS RAVE ABOUT YOU TO ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN With This (Almost Unfair) Competitive Advantage!

As a coach you have a system that you know helps your clients.
But, in order for them to achieve the life-changing results that you envision for them, they need to be committed and follow your advice consistently...

That’s where things can start to fall apart.

You give them fantastic personalized plans and protocols.

You include extra resources and provide tools with your own brand of inspiration and encouragement.

And for the first couple of weeks things are fantastic!

But, as time goes by, their progress stalls and they start to revert to their old ways.
And what happens then?

Best case? They start avoiding you and cancelling appointments while your emails go unanswered.

Worst case? They start asking for refunds, criticizing your work and questioning your integrity publicly.

Ultimately, you know their negative behavior is because they feel frustrated. But that makes you feel like you’re failing.

If left to continue, this cycle becomes a dangerous pattern because it:
  • Takes a toll on your confidence. Making it harder to consistently and publicly position yourself as the expert you are. 
  • Stops you from getting the praise-filled testimonials and word-of-mouth buzz you need to grow a successful business.
  • And most importantly it means that you have nothing different that sets you apart from all the other coaches in your industry.
You were led to believe that your 
professional training would be enough to 
keep your clients on track...
...but you’re starting to suspect that there may be another 
piece to this puzzle that you’re missing. 
You were led to believe that your designation was all you needed to help your clients achieve’s not.
You learned so much during your training and have continued to collect more accreditations ever since. But you have never been taught how to ensure your clients actually comply with the valuable expertise you provide them with.

 And we both know that if they don’t consistently do what you tell them, they won’t get the long-term results they came to you for.
You give your clients everything they need to succeed yet too often it's not enough.
The science behind facilitating long-term behavior change is its own skill set.  If you’re not well-versed in those strategies, then all of your well-researched information, actionable resources (and even your enormous passion for helping people) will not be enough to help your clients succeed.
You know that if your clients don’t start staying on track consistently, your business is in trouble.
Because of social media, word-of-mouth marketing is more important now than ever before. It’s impossible to grow your business without the social buzz and compelling testimonials from clients who have become devoted fans.
If the majority of your clients are struggling, they are definitely not telling their friends, family or coworkers about you or your program.
What if there was a proven “magic toolbox” you could pull out any time your client started to struggle, to help them avoid self-sabotage and move forward consistently?
A science-based client compliance system that’s based on the psychology of behavior change is something that very few coaches have in their arsenal, yet it’s the one thing that every single client desperately craves.
For clients, information is available everywhere, but knowing how to implement that information in their own lives is very RARE!
Imagine if you...
  • Knew Exactly What To Say And Suggest When Clients Started To Struggle;
  • Could Immediately Reassure Clients Who Are Afraid To Fail That You Have A Unique Skill Set That Will Support Them Through Any Setback;
  • Had A Wait List Of People Wanting To Work With You Because A Friend Told Them That You Were The “Results-Whisperer”;
  • Became Known As A Leader In Your Industry Because Of Your Ability To Get Clients Results That Other Coaches Simply Can’t Deliver;
  • Could Start Focusing On Your Clients With The Confidence That You Have All The Tools You Need To Ensure Their Success. And Then You Could Stop Wasting Time And Energy Collecting Additional Courses/Designations;
I know how it feels to hear excuse after excuse from clients…
To be so excited together about their early progress, only to feel a pit in your stomach when, a few weeks in, they start to tell you that “it’s not working anymore,” or they “just can’t seem to find the time.”

You feel like you're failing.

You start to doubt your abilities as a coach.

You’re scared to go live on Facebook or Instagram because you feel like an imposter.
You’re worried that you’re never going to have the impact you dreamed of having when you started out.
About me.
The truth is, my first three years of being a nutritionist were not pretty.

I was killing myself to create customized protocols for my small handful of clients while simultaneously offering them support every step of the way. 

As I’m sure you know, they would see amazing early results (starting anything new will do that for you) but after a few weeks they’d end up slipping right back into their old habits. Leaving them only with frustration as they watched their early success evaporate .

It shook my confidence as a coach. 

I was reluctant to put myself out there on social media or pitch myself to publications or podcasts. I feared I didn’t have the evidence to back it up. With limited testimonials and zero word of mouth, it made it nearly impossible for me to find new clients.

After a while I realized I was missing a huge piece of the puzzle
Being supportive, requiring accountability and providing encouragement were simply not enough to do the trick.

The clients also needed tools and strategies specifically designed to help them stay on track consistently.

I spent over a year (and I don’t even want to say how much money) learning everything I could about the neuroscience of habits and resistance as well as the psychology of behavior change. I studied how to reprogram and rewire old underlying patterns to prevent self-sabotage and allow for lasting success. 

I used all of that studying and learning to create new ideas and plans to use with my own clients. Over time, through evolution, research and refinement I developed the Consistent Momentum Method™.

And it’s changed my entire business.

It was like having a magic toolbox I could turn to whenever a client was struggling to stay on track.

My confidence skyrocketed. I had more praise-filled testimonials and social proof than I knew what to do with.

And because of this I was able to dramatically differentiate myself in an increasingly crowded health coaching market.
I went from $1500 launches to $150K launches in just two years thanks to this system!

Today, my (group) coaching business is thriving! I have hundreds of people waiting to join every time I open enrollment! 

And time and time again they tell me that they learned about me from their sister, mother-in-law, co-worker or dental hygienist who got amazing results from my program!

Why? Because I figured out a system.

Not a system that had anything to do with what I was originally trained in, but a system I could overlay on top of what I was already trained in.

A system that enabled me to help my clients stay on track so they could get results long-term!

Now, for the first time ever, I’m teaching this successful system to other coaches!
A science-based system that focuses on the true psychological drivers behind your clients’ choices and gives you targeted tools and strategies that lead to long-term behavior change.
nO MORE...
  • Worrying That You Don’t Know What To Say When Your Clients Struggle…
  • Fearing That They’ll Want A Refund If They Don’t See Long-Term Results.
  • Feeling Embarrassed By Your Lack Of Social Buzz, Testimonials Or Word-Of-Mouth Referrals...
Think of it like your new “magic toolbox” giving you:
Detailed scripts for exactly what to say to your client when they’re struggling, stuck or moving backwards that will help them snap out of that mindset and move them forward. This means they’ll finally be able to make progress where they’d always failed before.

Simple and practical exercises you can do with your clients to avoid the many common pitfalls that take them off track like old habit loops and dopamine traps. This means they start getting the results they want faster than they ever thought possible!
Clarity about how to write new content that speaks directly to your audience’s fear of failure and how to overcome it. Then watch as they start clicking, liking and sharing like never before! (make sure you have a waitlist ready!)
Module One - How Long-Term Behavior Change Works  In the Brain
You’ll start by learning how the brain actually works when it comes to changing behavior and why our “caveman brain” is naturally wired to resist that change. Having your clients understand the brain science behind their cravings and self-sabotage makes it clear to them that it’s not their fault they struggle. This is truly one of the most powerful gifts you can give them and they will love you for it.
Topics in this module include:
  • Neurotransmitters: The chemistry of habits
  • Neural pathways: Why they make change feel so uncomfortable
  • Habit loops and how to break them 
Module Two - How to Set the Stage for Success
Trying to stick to a new behavior change without first establishing a base that will support it is a recipe for failure. That’s why first creating a solid foundation is vital for success. This includes using daily practices to create clarity and encourage motivation which, in turn, creates a supportive environment for change. 
Topics in this module include:
  • Morning routines: How to help your client create one that works for them
  • Neural pathways: Why they make change feel so uncomfortable
  • Habit loops and how to break them 
Module Three - Mastering Visualization
It’s hard to get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. In this module we’ll talk about the importance of knowing where you want to go and how to keep your eye on the prize.  
Topics in this module include:
  • Why a vision is so crucial from a goal standpoint
  • How to help your clients develop their own clear and compelling vision
  • How to create a daily visualization practice that works
Module  Four - Overcoming Resistance
We all know how it feels when part of us wants to make positive changes but another part seems to constantly resist taking the actions we know we need to take to get there. This phenomenon is known as “Resistance.” It’s crucial that we, as coaches, better understand Resistance and how it works in the brain so that we can come equipped with the right tools to ensure our clients overcome it.
Topics in this module include:
  • The sneaky places where Resistance hides out
  • How your client’s thoughts and feelings are actually making Resistance worse
  • Different strategies to employ for overcoming Resistance
Module  Five - Updating Their Old "Operating System"
How you see yourself and what you believe you’re capable of ultimately determine the choices you end up making. In order to change behavior long-term and establish positive habits, you need to change the identity underneath (what I call the “old operating system”). 
Topics in this module include:
  • How to challenge the limiting beliefs and old feedback loops that keep your clients from achieving success
  • Tackling the “Mean Voice”
  • How to develop an Alter Ego
Module  Six - Your New “Consistency” Toolbox
Understanding, insight and awareness are only part of the solution. It’s also necessary to have a set of practical tools available that clients can use in the moment when they’re struggling like on weekends, when they’re feeling stressed, or when they’re traveling.
Topics in this module include:
  • A tool for making old habits less enjoyable
  • A tool for extinguishing cravings
  • A tool for building new, positive habits
Module  Seven - Self Care & Self Love
You cannot hate or shame yourself into changing. True, long-term transformation of any kind, must be supported by a deep reservoir of self-love and self-care. At the end of the day, you have to love yourself enough to want something better - even when life gets in the way. 
Topics in this module include:
  • What true self-care really looks like
  • Three important (and almost always overlooked) areas of self-care
  • How to help your clients find the self-care practices that work best for them
7 Video-Based Learning Modules 
This is video-based training that you go through step-by-step at your own pace, on your own schedule. And, with lifetime access to the full training library, you can revisit key videos anytime you want to hone and refresh your skills. Never feel lost with a client again!
($1395 value)
25+ “Coaching Cues” 
Detailed scripts about exactly what to say when your client is struggling, stuck or going backwards, to help them snap out of that mindset and move forward. They’ll make progress where they’ve always failed to before and won’t be able to stop raving about you to anyone who will listen!
($300 value)
Worksheets and One-Pager Overviews 
Simple and practical exercises you can do with your clients to help them avoid many of the common pitfalls that take us off track like old habit loops and dopamine traps. This means they start getting the results they want faster than they ever thought possible!
($200 value)
Comprehensive Textbook
This beautifully designed digital textbook is something you can print off and refer to again and again as you begin to use these new tools with your clients. You’ll always have the answer to what to say and do right at your fingertips!
($100 value)
Private Facebook Community for Certified Consistency Coaches™
Become a member of a growing tribe of coaches who share this unique designation. This will become your community where you can network, brainstorm and connect with fellow Certified Consistency Coaches™.
($300 value)
Certified Consistency Coach™ designation
When you complete the program you’ll immediately receive: 
  • The ability to use the title: Certified Consistency Coach™
  • An official graduation certificate.
  • A graduation package that includes the official badge you can now add to your website and social media channels.
  • High quality graphics and detailed copy to help you announce your new designation to the world and clearly explain the value of it in your sales copy.
($800 value)
8-Week Business Growth Mastermind 
I've built my own online health coaching business from $0 to half a million dollars and growing. Now you'll be able to get my feedback and the help with: Clarifying your marketing message, Building an audience, Facebook ads, Content strategy, Mindset, and more! Snag one of the limited spots (first-come-first-served)! 
($2000 value)
50  8 Spots Available
(Only available For the First 48 Hours)
Bonus -  “Mock Coaching” Training 
This training is where you’ll learn exactly how to implement these tools in your own practice by getting to hear me use the Consistency Coaching tools in mock coaching sessions.

Find out exactly what I would say in response to the challenges your clients bring to you.
($300 value)
Bonus - Monthly Live AMA (Ask me Anything) with sara
Ever feel like you’re at a loss for what to say to certain clients who are stuck? Or out of ideas for what to suggest to help them get out of their own way?

With these bonus group Q & A sessions with me every month you can now get help with all these questions and more! Pick my brain about how to use your Consistency Coach™ tools to help that client get back on track, stay on track and enjoy long-term success with your help.

This will quickly become an invaluable asset to your coaching practice that you’ll have ongoing access to whenever you need it.
($500 value)
Bonus - Building A Successful Group Coaching Program
Tired of having all your eggs in the 1:1 coaching model? Or, have you tried to create a group program but haven’t had much luck in getting it off the ground?
I’ve built my entire business on a wildly successful group coaching program. Now I’m going to teach you how to use the tools you’ll be mastering in the certification program to create or grow your own successful group! 
($400 value)
Bonus  - Swipe File Library
Don’t worry about having to create worksheets and handouts based on the new Consistency Coaching tools you’ll be learning - we’ve done all the work for you!  

You’ll get simple “swipe files” that you can download, put your own logo on and use with your clients as your own. I promise, no matter what has got them stuck, there’s something in this library to reach them exactly where they are and help them break through.
($200 value)
Choose The Plan That's Right For You!
  • 7 Video-Based Learning Modules
  • 25+ “Coaching Cues”
  • Worksheets and One-Pager Overviews
  • Comprehensive Textbook
  • ​Certified Consistency Coach™ designation
  • Bonus: - Monthly Live AMA (Ask Me Anything) With Sara
  • ​Bonus: - Swipe File Library
  • Bonus: - Building A Successful Group Coaching Program

CAD or USD Pricing Available

  • 7 Video-Based Learning Modules
  • 25+ “Coaching Cues”
  • Worksheets and One-Pager Overviews
  • Comprehensive Textbook
  • ​Certified Consistency Coach™ designation
  • Bonus: - Monthly Live AMA (Ask Me Anything) With Sara
  • ​Bonus: - Swipe File Library
  • Bonus: - Building A Successful Group Coaching Program

CAD or USD Pricing Available

  • 7 Video-Based Learning Modules
  • 25+ “Coaching Cues”
  • Worksheets and One-Pager Overviews
  • Comprehensive Textbook
  • ​Certified Consistency Coach™ designation
  • Bonus: - Monthly Live AMA (Ask Me Anything) With Sara
  • ​Bonus: - Swipe File Library
  • Bonus: - Building A Successful Group Coaching Program

CAD or USD Pricing Available

Money Back Guarantee!
This is essentially risk-free on your part because we offer a 100% money back guarantee. You sign up now, start the program, and then, after the first module or one month (whichever comes first), if you decide that it’s not for you, you can let us know and we’ll immediately refund 100% of your payment.
Enrollment is only open 
for a limited time!
“I would highly recommend the Consistency Coach Certification program. It gives me an advantage above other people that offer similar programs to say that I have a solution that will help keep them on track and stay consistent with the steps they need to take to be successful. 

If you are growing a business this is the perfect addition to your program.”
- Lisa Edmonson, CNP
“The Consistency Coach Certification Program is an amazing asset to have in business. Not only has it helped me personally grow as a health coach but has also allowed me to help my clients see better, long lasting results.

I highly recommend having this in your ‘toolbox’ to bring your coaching to a whole new level!”
- Anna Heselbarth
The Consistency Coach Certification filled a gap in my knowledge that I knew existed but wasn't sure how to fill. As a movement coach I knew that the difference between those clients who saw change and those who didn't was whether they actually consistently did the corrective exercises and lifestyle changes I prescribed. But I was feeling so stuck in terms of how I could help those who struggled to stay on track.

It undermined my confidence. While I never doubted the efficacy of my program, I was beginning to doubt my ability to be a good coach if I couldn’t help my clients stay consistent and achieve the benefits they wanted.

Having gone through this program, I feel like I have a deeper understanding of how long-term habits and behavior changes are made, and some actionable tools to pass on to my clients.”
- Tracy Seider

“After obtaining the Consistency Coach Certification, I’m thrilled to say that I finally have the confidence, mindset, and unique skills to get out there and coach others. 

I am 100% confident that this certificate alone gives me the credibility I need for my coaching business and it definitely sets me apart from all other coaches.”
- Sue Hunt
If you’re tired of wondering what magic words will get your clients to consistently follow the advice you give them ...
If you want to have a packed Wait list of people dying to work with you (“I heard about you from my sister!”)...

If you want to give yourself an (almost unfair) competitive advantage in a crowded market...

Add the Consistency Coach™ Certification to your arsenal and go from having no idea how to get your client back on track, to knowing EXACTLY what to say and do when they start to struggle.
frequently asked questions
I’m super busy. How long do I have to complete the program?
You have lifetime access to all of the program materials. You can move through the modules at your own pace and on your own time - no ticking clock!
I’m not currently a coach. Can I use these tools on myself? 
Absolutely! We’ve had several people take the certification program purely for self-development and to learn how to stick with new, positive habits in their lives.
I’m just getting started in my business. Is this the right time to take the certification program or should I wait until I’m more established? 
This is the perfect time!  
What better way to help launch your coaching business than to have the confidence, credibility and competitive advantage this certification will give you!
I already have an established 1:1 or group coaching program. How can I integrate this into what I’m already doing?
The Consistency Coach™ Certification is an excellent complement to any existing coaching model!
As part of the program you’ll learn how to make these tools work seamlessly with what you’re already doing.
How quickly can I complete the program and get my certification?
What time is it now? 

Seriously though, you can literally start today and move through the program modules at your own pace.
I estimate that you could complete the entire certification in about 10-12 hours if you really wanted to!
I’m a nutritionist / fitness trainer / life coach / naturopath / health coach / weight loss coach / etc. will this work with what I do? 
Yes! The Consistency Coach™ Certification is designed to complement and support the professional work you already do.
It’s simply a toolbox that enables you to ensure your clients consistently stay on track with your advice (whatever that is).
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