Attention: Health, Wellness and Life Coaches!
Discover a proven system (based on brain science) that keeps clients on track consistently so they get results!
Become a Certified Consistency Coach to Get Real Results for Your Clients and Business
I know how it feels to hear excuse after excuse from clients… To be so excited together about their early progress, only to feel a pit in your stomach when, a few weeks in, they start to tell you that “it’s not working anymore,” or they “just can’t seem to find the time.”

You feel like you're failing...

You start to doubt your abilities as a coach...

You’re scared to go live on Facebook or Instagram because you feel like an imposter...

You’re worried that you’re never going to have the impact you dreamed of having when you started out.

What if there was a proven “magic toolbox” you could pull out any time your client started to struggle, to help them avoid self-sabotage and move forward consistently?
The Consistency Coach™ Certification program

A science-based system that focuses on the true psychological drivers behind your clients’ choices and gives you targeted tools and strategies to help them unlock long-term behavior change.

Think of it like your new “magic toolbox” giving you:

  • Detailed scripts for exactly what to say to your client when they’re struggling, stuck or moving backwards that will help them snap out of that mindset and move them forward. This means they’ll finally be able to make progress where they’d always failed before. 
  • Simple and practical exercises you can do with your clients to avoid the many common pitfalls that take them off track like old habit loops and dopamine traps. This means they start getting the results they want faster than they ever thought possible!
  • Clarity about how to write new content that speaks directly to your audience’s fear of failure and how to overcome it. Then watch as they start clicking, liking and sharing like never before! (make sure you have a waitlist ready!)
  • More time, money and energy to put towards your clients and your business! You can stop collecting courses and accreditations, be the coach you know you can be and start having the impact you know you were meant to have!
Here's what our recent graduates are saying...
It gives me an advantage above other coaches who offer similar programs to say that I have a solution that will help keep them on track and consistent with the steps they need to take to be successful.”
- Lisa Edmonson, CNP
“It’s an amazing asset to have in my business. Not only has it helped me personally grow as a health coach, but it’s allowed me to help my clients see better, longer lasting results!
- Anna Heselbarth
“I love that the material can easily be shared with clients in terms that are simple yet effective in helping them rewire their brains for success.”
- Carmina Mevs
It’s finally given me the missing link as to WHY my clients struggle so much to hit their goals. So many of us know what we need to do, but still fall back into old habits. I think ALL coaches need to take this course.”
- Danielle Jackson
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